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The Process

The Process

Our process is streamlined and simple. So if you wonder what happens after you sign up with us this is what you should expect:

  • Information Gathering – This is the most important stage in our process, we will collect as much information as we can so as to be sure we are inline with what you are expecting to get.
  • Planning – During this stage, we normally we go through a series of team brainstorms and send you our the framework of your site as you see it.
  • Design – Once the framework was approved, our designers get to work and start creating what will later become your website. This is normally the longest stage in the process and we will communicate a lot both via email and phone, because we need to get the design right before sending it to the developers.
  • Development – With the design approve, our developers will take care of making those images become a real website. It is important to get the design right, because developers do not like to be interrupted by design changes, as sometimes they just need to start coding from scratch.
  • Testing & Delivery – The developed site will be available for preview on our development server, where you will be free to test it and look for bugs and issues. Once everything is fixed and works smooth we launch the site to your server for you and your visitors’ joy.

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